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Hello, friends usbreakingnewstoday welcome to the block.

I’m blogging for usbreakingnewstoday.com. I am neither a writer nor a journalist Still, I am able to get information by researching on various topics. collect tax work to reach the readers of or to reach the heart of the readers I try.  I create content according to the interest of the readers. 

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My name is Ashutosh Kumar and I am from Bettiah, a small town in India (Bihar). I have completed my graduation from Bhimrao Ambedkar University. after that I Diploma from Punjab Polytechnic College. I am fond of reading and writing and understand a little bit of internet.  I have been observing for a long time that despite having many blocks, people Many Not enough information on the subject. felt that by researching on various topics, I can convey information to the readers in this way. Usbreakingnews today.com launched. 

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